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The Ultimate Power Source

With an OPTIMA® under the bonnet, you can count on a battery that will last longer for... 

... start-up and deep cycle. The energy needs of cars, lorries and SUVs are today greater than ever.


The OPTIMA® battery is like no other battery currently available on the market. The OPTIMA® battery, designed with SPIRAL CELL® technology, provides a strong, clean energy source that easily outstrips any other lead acid battery.


OPTIMA® can provide all the energy needed to run those gas-guzzling vehicles. OPTIMA® batteries always keep safety in mind; thanks to their leak proof container, they help to maintain the safety of yours and your family's environment. Powerful, lasting twice as long, safety, totally leak proof system, resistant to vibrations, installation in any position at all; whether you are working, driving from one end of the country to another or just having fun, let OPTIMA® help you to get the energy you need...


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